Parshat Beshallach, Saturday, January 20, 2018
Parsha Resources
  • Reform Judaism - Short, bulleted summaries of each parsha

  • My Jewish Learning - Short summaries and lots of different commentaries

  • Bimbam - Animated videos on each portion

  • USY - Resources on how to write and deliver a d’var Torah along with divrei Torah given by USY’ers over the years

  • JTS Torah Commentary - Teachings on each portion, haftarah and holiday reading

Participation Resources
To Do

For January 10:

Please keep working on your Torah reading. Practice, practice, practice! On Wednesday we are going to read your Torah portion from the Torah scroll, practice reading your d'var Torah and review the t'fillot you will be leading.

For January 4:

By our next meeting you should be able to chant your Torah from the Torah side of the tikkun page (see above.) Please also, answer the questions at the bottom of your d'var Torah (Google doc).

For December 22:

Please continue mastering your Torah reading with a focus on chanting it from the Torah side. If you have time, please check your d'var Torah (Google doc) and answer the questions at the bottom.

For December 13:

Please work on mastering the "special" trope and work on putting the Torah reading all together. You should begin to also look at the Torah reading as it is found in the Torah using your Tikkun sheet (also available above).

For December 6:

Please spend at least 20 minutes each evening working on your Torah reading. I really want to you to feel confident that you have mastered the families of trope that we've learned together.

Also, please give some thought to what interests you in your parsha.

For November 22:

Please review and master selections from your Torah reading that you worked on for last week and add in the new selections that we learned this week. Don't forget to focus on your Hebrew pronunciation - that's what's most important!

For November 15:

Please practice reading and chanting the highlight families of words on your practice sheets. Use the "Learn Torah Trope" button above to refresh your memory on how the trope sound and don't forget that the accent for each word is on the syllable that has the note. (Also don't mess up your "oohs" and "ohs".

For November 8:

Please learn to read and chant the 4th and 7th families of trope by clicking on the Torah Trope link on this page.