"More than the Jewish people has kept the Sabbath, the Sabbath has kept the Jews." (Ahad Ha'am) 

The Sabbath (or Shabbat, as it is called in Hebrew) is one of the best known and least understood of all Jewish observances. People who do not observe Shabbat think of it as a day filled with stifling restrictions, or as a day of prayer like the Christian Sabbath. But to those who observe Shabbat, it is a precious gift from God, a day of great joy eagerly awaited throughout the week, a time when we can set aside all of our weekday concerns and devote ourselves to higher pursuits. In Jewish literature, poetry and music, Shabbat is described as a bride or queen, as in the popular Shabbat hymn Lecha Dodi Likrat Kallah (come, my beloved, to meet the [Sabbath] bride). It is said "more than Israel has kept Shabbat, Shabbat has kept Israel."

In THE TENT we seek to celebrate this precious gift in song, prayer and celebration both within the walls of our "tent", in our homes and around the community.

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Please note: We are always growing and changing and not all of the services and activities listed here are available at this time. Visit our calendar for all of our upcoming events and services.

Join us on the first and third Friday evenings of each month to welcome Shabbat. Our Shabbat Unplugged service is full of music, learning and friendship. Children are always welcome!


On the first Saturday morning of each month bring your little ones for Playful Prayer at the playground at the Parkland Recreational and Enrichment Center. Just look for THE TENT.


The second and fourth Saturday mornings of each month are our Kiddush Club. Join our 5th-8th grade families for a morning of prayer, learning and, of course, food! The fourth Saturday evening of each month is our family Havdalah under the stars. Visit our calendar for dates, times and locations for all of these Shabbat celebrations.