"Do not separate yourself from the community." (Pirkei Avot 2:4)

Welcome into THE TENT, a spiritual startup that's passionate, progressive and pluralistic.


Is OHEL right for you?

Every person in THE TENT is given the opportunity to be a leader and a learner; a giver and a receiver. We rely on each other; equipping, supporting and giving everyone the chance to be engaged in important, life-giving opportunities.​ When you are welcomed into THE TENT, you become a part of a community of values; that values each and every person. 

Our Vision

A joyous, Jewish, covenantal community in which everyone is accepted, respected, and connected.


Our Mission

We grow, every day, as a spiritual home and Jewish community in which relationships are paramount, prayer is engaging and impactful, learning is inspirational and relevant, and repair of the world is a moral imperative.

Our Values

We are passionate

We are progressive

We are pluralistic

​We don't ask about the depths of your pockets but about the depths of your heart.

  • When a friend is sick, will you help prepare meals?

  • When a friend is mourning, will you offer comfort?

  • When a friend is celebrating, will you join in?

  • When we are repairing the world, will you do your part?

  • When we are learning, will you make the time?

  • When we are growing and changing, will you keep an open mind?

  • When we are praying, will you share your voice and your spirit?

More questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

When you're in THE TENT we hope you will feel:

Embraced, welcomed, accepted, inspired, supported, challenged, educated and motivated.

I'm sold. How do I join?

Here's the best part - to come into THE TENT, you don't have to "join". You are welcomed in. It's a subtle but important difference. Our greatest joy is to open our hearts and arms to all who seek to deepen their connection to Judaism. All you need to do is join our email list, like our Facebook page and then come into THE TENT for our next event.

So that THE TENT can be a true spiritual community rather than an institution - we do not have dues or High Holy Day tickets. Everyone is welcome in THE TENT. This means that we rely on your generous heart to sustain our community. Exodus 30:13 instructs Moses to collect a half shekel from each person when he is counting the community. We hope you will be "counted in" by offering a gift to support our holy work.  


In Exodus 35:5, all those whose hearts are moved give generously to the building of the Mishkan (the Tabernacle). In THE TENT, we hope your heart will be moved to be just as generous. Your financial gifts will support our professional leadership, outreach, education, administrative and programming costs.

For a gift of only $18/week ($936 for the year) you can become a Sustaining Partner of OHEL. More than a financial donation, becoming a Sustaining Partner means that you want to be a key player in guiding our direction and growth. Your contribution will allow us to grow and thrive as we open our tent to even more new friends.