Parshat Vaera, January 18, 2020
Parsha Resources
  • Reform Judaism - Short, bulleted summaries of each parsha

  • My Jewish Learning - Short summaries and lots of different commentaries

  • Bimbam - Animated videos on each portion

  • USY - Resources on how to write and deliver a d’var Torah along with divrei Torah given by USY’ers over the years

  • JTS Torah Commentary - Teachings on each portion, haftarah and holiday reading

Participation Resources
To Do
For 5/17
  • Add three "why" or "how" questions to your d'var Torah 
  • Master the first aliyah focusing on the end
  • Continue to work on the blessings before and after the Aliyah.
For 4/3
  • Continue mastering the 1st aliyah on the Torah side and begin working on your two verses from the 3rd aliyah
For 3/22
  • Master the 1st aliyah on the Torah side and review the blessings before and after the Torah reading.
For 2/27
  • Continue to master the first aliyah with notes and trope
  • Work on the blessing before the Torah reading. (use the video below if it's helpful or the one you made.)
For 2/20
  • Master the first aliyah with notes and trope
  • Practice reading the second aliyah (not chanting.)
For 2/13
  • Practice chanting the first aliyah
  • Finish color coding the second aliyah
For 2/6
For 1/30:
  • Practice the two trope families we reviewed (lines 2 and 3 on the Learn Torah Trope page 
  • Practice reading the first aliyah on the tikkun page
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